We grow your audio plugin business

KoalaDSP was born out of our passion for audio technology and business development. We feel inspired to explore and share the countless opportunities in the audio plugin industry. We want to grow together.

Jochem de Jong

Co-founder, Managing Director

Jochem has over 20 years of experience in the music industry. He started out as a musician and songwriter recording his music at home, a passion that quickly turned into a career as a professional music producer and mastering engineer. After writing his Focal Press book ‘Home Studio Mastering’, he wanted to create his own mastering plugin bundle and discovered his love for coding. Since then, Jochem has been a development partner for more than a few audio plugin companies and has released around 100 commercial plugins. Combining his background as a professional music producer and his extensive experience as a plugin developer, Jochem will be your partner in finding the most efficient and scalable way to turn your creative ideas into reality.

Cecill Etheredge

Co-founder, Technical Director

Cecill has an MSc engineering degree in Computer Science and more than 15 years experience in the computer soft- and hardware industry, researching and developing novel algorithms and systems for computer graphics, physics and DSP. A life long love for computers and music, and a fascination for evoking emotion through music has carved a path from being a music producer for various indie video games and independent labels, to becoming an author of commercial audio instruments and effects. With an obsession for hard and complex challenges, Cecill has become a go-to research and development partner for audio companies in the industry. Cecill will be your partner in getting the best technology to create or innovate your product line.

Aysun Sen

Co-founder, Director of Growth

Aysun has a MA degree focused on interactive marketing and has an extensive international career combining multimedia, technology and design thinking. She worked for 10 years in multimedia production and music venue management, after which she traveled the world and built and managed businesses in several major cities in the education and technology sector. Her diverse experience gives her a broad and multi-angle vision of how businesses can successfully operate and grow in the global environment. Within KoalaDSP, Aysun is responsible for defining the company’s strategic roadmap in terms of business development, brand building, marketing and communications.

Marc Lankreijer

Head of International Partnerships

Marc is a passionate cultural entrepreneur with 30 years experience in the electronic music industry and has background as radio producer and host of Dutch most diverse electronic music show since the early 90s and a degree in Marketing & Communication. He started Amsterdam Music Society in 1999 running a booking agency for DJs named AMS Bookings and AMSterdam Publishing (under courtesy of Sony ATV), signing talented producers. His strong worldwide network has extensively grown in Asia over the past two decades. As event organizer, moderator and speaker on Asia topics he organized several panel and networking events for Amsterdam Dance Event with focus on countries like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia. With his passion for artists, music, marketing and technology, Marc will be your contact for international partnerships.

Marlon Etheredge

Technology Engineer

Marlon has an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence and a solid background in computer science, with over 10 years of experience in the research, development, and design of high-performance software. Lead by a fascination for hard problems, Marlon is devoted to the development of first-class software. Initially focused on areas such as image processing, computer vision, and computer graphics, Marlon's love for music has brought him to utilize his knowledge and experience for the development of audio plugins in the broadest sense. At KoalaDSP, Marlon focuses on expanding the boundaries of technology, through the development of your audio products.

Chris Lucas

Senior Product Developer

Chris comes from an extensive background in music production and engineering. While studying Digital Media Arts at Cal State Dominguez Hills, he developed a desire to explore the technical fundamentals behind the tools he had used to help artists achieve their aesthetic vision. Having spent a lifetime on computers, he leveraged that knowledge to teach himself C++ and start creating his own plugins. He is now completing a degree in computer science from University of California San Diego. Chris’ passion for music software and technology enable him to bring your products to life in ways that are both technically advanced and accessible to a diverse user base.

Sil de Graaf

Product Developer

Sil has a bachelor in Computer Science and has been into music and programming from a young age. Early on, he wanted to become a visual artist which leaves him with over ten years of graphical design experience. In his early twenties, he made the transition to the music technology industry after which he has combined his passion for music, design, and programming to create audio plugins. He did both his undergraduate as well as his graduate internship with Jochem at KoalaDSP, working on several DSP and plugin projects. After graduation Sil stayed at the company as a product developer working on a diverse range of audio plugin projects.

Ronald Dijks

Research and Prototype Development

Ronald got his first computer when he was five years old and has always been very curious about how computers work. This has led to a lifelong passion for programming and investigating software architecture. Besides that, he has always been very much into music and as a teenager he developed a taste for dubstep and Drum and Bass. These electronic music genres brought him to learn how to produce music himself on a computer from the age of sixteen, and investigate the inner workings of music production software. He found this to be so interesting that he combined his passion for software development and music production. At KoalaDSP, Ronald researches innovative audio technologies and creates prototypes based on this research.

Bas Bonthuis

Project Manager

Bas started writing songs about 40 years ago, and got his first 4-track recorder soon after. He has been writing, producing and recording music ever since in different recording studio's and at his home studio, with a whole scala of different bands and artists. He's is always looking for new, interesting and inspiring ideas for music production and music production tools. The latter sparked his interest in the digital audio plugin world. He has been developing, creating, building and tuning audio plugins for different companies and musicians together with the guys and girl from KoalaDSP for the last few years now. Bas will help you develop your idea for an audio plugin to an actual audio plugin.

Meet the team

We handle our core research and development with our internal team of talented system architects, software developers and audio engineers, but over the years we have also built a large network of specialists and industry partners that we collaborate with on a regular basis. This allows us to take on all kinds of projects as a solution partner, ranging from plugin development and algorithm design, to consultancy and business development. We are here to solve your problems one by one.