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Designing algorithms is our thing

We love designing custom DSP algorithms and offer several easy-to-use C++ SDKs for creating analog compressor emulations, linear phase filters, lo-fi effects, high quality synth voices and more.

In need for a shortcut?

Do you need high quality plug-and-play audio algorithms to build your plugins? We own an extensive in-house C++ algorithm library that we offer as a series of specialised SDKs for plugin development.

Looking for tailor made?

Are you looking for a unique or proprietary audio algorithm? We can design custom DSP algorithms according to your API specifications, and implement them in the programming language of your choice.

Join the next generation!

Are you ready for the next generation of plugins? We can (re)create C++ based plugins in WebAssembly (Wasm), allowing them to run in the browser while utilizing the full processing power of the user’s computer.

Let's talk about your next project

We are growing and looking for interesting partnerships.

We are excited about the many opportunities in the audio plugin industry. We want to help startups enter the market with their first plugin, and enable established plugin companies to expand and innovate.
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